I am honored to have the opportunity to share my story and progress as well as what Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center in Cuba, MO has done for me.

I became addicted to drugs at the age 26. I had removed myself of a toxic abusive relationship of almost 11 years. I was broken and lost and I was not living for the Lord. In just a few weeks later I started seeing someone else and that is when my addiction excelled. This too was a very toxic and very abusive relationship. By the time I got away from this dangerous relationship I had my first daughter Kyira. She and I were living in IL, my car was not drivable and I took her to my biological fathers for safety, which wasn’t safe at all. My father was busted for drugs while her and I were there. My daughter was taken away by the state of IL, I moved back to MO. This is when I was introduced to Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center in Cuba, MO. I started attending classes and receiving assistance while working towards getting my daughter back. I then became pregnant with my second daughter Kayti. Lifeline assisted me with gas to travel back and forth to IL for visits with my daughter, education, clothes, diapers and so much more for my daughter Kayti. Unfortunately, about 9 months after having Kayti I became even worse in my addiction. I was fortunate that the Lord had a family to help in taking Kayti while I was not doing well. But unfortunately it was too late for my daughter Kyira. She was adopted by the same family she had been with since she was removed from my care. January 10th 2015 I was at my rock bottom. I was considering death and this is when I cried out to the Lord. He knew exactly what He was doing. He instantly started working in my life, major things have happened since that day.

I turned myself over as I had a warrant for fleeing from my supervision, I spent 38 days in jail. One of the Client Advocates came to visit the jail while I was there to witness and have a bible study. I remembered Shirley from Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center and I felt the Lord speaking to me through her. I was released and my life was forever changed. I began taking parenting classes at Lifeline again and Shirley was teaching my classes. The education and assistance they offer are amazing and very beneficial to parents in need.

The Lord is restoring my life. He has not only reunited my first daughter Kyira and I but I have also regained custody of my daughter Kayti. I am attending church, coaching Kayti’s soccer team, and working full time in a local hair salon. I am also continuing parenting classes every week!

The Lord has blessed my family and I and I am so thankful.